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vExpert Application: What VMUG Members Should Know

Recently the vExpert application opened and I encourage all VMUG members to consider applying.  If you are unfamiliar with the program, let me give you an overview.  The vExpert program has been around for over a decade and is VMware’s global evangelism and advocacy program.  They accept applications twice a year, so this opportunity is only available for a limited time. The application is straight forward, but here are some tips for you to get started.  First, applicants must pick a qualification path.  This can be customer, partner, evangelist, or VCDX.  The customer and partners are self-explanatory.  The evangelist is someone who is excited about VMware products and evangelizes their benefits and solutions.  The VCDX route is for those who have that certification.  One thing I like about vExpert program is your application is based on you.  Not your company, company spend, certifications, or deployments.  Some of these should be mentioned when filling out the

A Case for VMworld Barcelona

For those of you who live in NORAM, I am attempting to make a case for you to attend VMworld Barcelona over San Francisco. I am fortunate to be able to attend both events each year. VMUG has a large presence at both events and the VMUG members span the globe. VMworld is a fantastic time for me to connect with members and get recharged by the energy of VMUG and the vCommunity. This year VMworld NORAM moved to San Francisco. San Fran is a great city and I applaud the move by VMware to bring it back to San Fran. It’s home to VMware and the city is buzzing when VMworld is there. On top of that, there are many VMware employees who can attend VMworld because it is in the home city, which has proved to be beneficial for VMUG and me. Something to consider if you are choosing between San Fran and Barcelona.    A Different Experience If you do have the flexibility, consider Barcelona. VMworld Europe has a different vibe. It’s a day less, but it has just as much content –


As IT professionals, we have learned to thrive in a multi-vendor environment. We all have legacy equipment, new acquisitions, or mistakes along the way that put us in a situation to support multiple vendors. Most of the time (at least, I hope most of the time) this works out pretty well. Not flawless, but we have been able to get it to work. The manufacturers have a vested interest in a single environment. Single-vendor environments mean more money for the OEM, potential lock-in, and future revenues. I’m a capitalist, and I don’t have an issue with companies trying to maximize their value to the end-user. Let the best company win. I am not a fan of companies – or employees of companies – spreading FUD around to win business. My message to companies is this: let the products compete for the business. If your product doesn’t win, learn from that and make it better. Also realize that like us, you will not win them all, but I expect you will fight as if you could. Go for it. Tell the

iPhone 6s to Pixel 3

Recently I needed to upgrade my cell phone and I was seriously contemplating going back to Android.   I had been a long-time Android user, but 4 years ago I switched to the iPhone.   I managed to carry the same iPhone 6s during those 4 years.   My rationale for switching to an iPhone initially was for fewer options.   I just wanted things to work and not have to research and download different apps to do the same thing, test them out, and then choose one.   I was okay with Apple telling me what app to use in exchange for it working well.   The iPhone did as expected and I was satisfied with my choice.   For work, I was using a MacBook Air and appreciated that it was light, fast, and small.   Having an iPhone introduced to the capabilities of iMessaging on multiple devices.   Yes, I was hooked.   At the time my daughters didn’t have cell phones but could iMessage me via their Apple device which was nice when traveling.   However, the biggest drawback for the iPhone was Mi

VMUG Heads to VMworld 2019

Photo Credit:  Brandon Seymour of  It’s that time of year again when the UserCons slow down and we start to prepare for both VMworlds.   First, we’ll be in San Francisco from August 25th to 29th. The annual VMworld August show never disappoints, and VMUG will be there with a large presence. We will have a booth in the Solutions Exchange as well as a lounge in Moscone West.   Festivities start with our Annual VMUG Member Party. Historically, this party sells out, so make sure you register early so you can join us. We will be hosting the party at SPiN, a ping pong establishment across the street from the conference venue. I always enjoy this event because it’s a big VMUG reunion that allows me to connect with members I haven’t seen in a while. The next day is the opening keynote presentations. Expect big announcements from VMware as well as insight to where the industry is going. VMware is one of the big players in the industry—bigger now with the Dell Techn

VMUG Insights from VMware Empower

As a VMware Empower ambassador, I had the privilege of attending all three of this year’s VMware Empower events. VMware invited its robust partner network to Atlanta, Singapore, and Lisbon as a way for partners to receive direct technical training and content. In turn, the partners can then better serve VMware’s 500,000+ customers. Here are the two most important takeaways I learned from these events: VMware, Their Partners, and Users Are All Learning Together Next-gen IT is ever evolving, meaning VMware and their more than 5,000 partners are always learning and adapting to deliver the best solutions to users. VMware provides technical support content not only to end users, but also to partners. This is especially true on topics that users are most interested in, such as hybrid cloud, network security, and DevOps. This kind of content helps partners learn how to serve end users better by knowing what questions to ask, and determining the best path forward for their custome

VMUG Insights From Dell Technologies World 2019

Dell Technologies World 2019 ushered in a new era of partnership between VMware and Dell EMC. VMware used the size and scope of the event to make major announcements. During his keynote address, Pat Gelsinger said “this is like VMworld,” and I could not agree more. For those of you in the VMUG community who couldn’t make it out to Las Vegas, here are three things you need to know: VMware Cloud is on Microsoft Azure This was by far the biggest and most important announcement to come out of Las Vegas. Microsoft is joining the growing list of major tech players, such as AWS and Dell EMC, who are broadening their partnerships with VMware to give users the best possible cloud experience. VMC and vCloud Foundation are gaining momentum because they are the best way to get SDDC up and running. The ability to run VMC on Azure will make life easier for many vAdmins like myself. VMC on Dell EMC As many of you may know, my roots are on premises, so I firmly believe in the importa

VMUG Insights from the Netherlands: How to Thrive in Our Ever-Changing Industry

Netherlands VMUG UserCon opened my eyes to how important it is for us in the VMUG community to take notice of how rapidly our industry is changing. Across many of the presentations I attended at UserCon, the necessity to evolve was a universal theme. Here are some of my insights from those sessions. The Keynote: VMware’s Transition to an aaS Model Kit Colbert, CTO, VMware Cloud Platform Business Unit, deliver ed the keynote presentation about VMware’s transition to an “as a Service” (aaS) model. This is a big change that is a ffecting VMware and its customers, and I appreciate their efforts to be more transparent about this restructuring.   With the move to an aaS model, we as vAdmins must be open to changes. During the keynote, Kit made a powerful statement, “No one wins by managing their VMware environment well. You win by differentiating yourself from your competitors.” I tweeted this out and it started a conversation throughout the worldwide VMUG community about how th

VMUG Insights from Japan

Photo Credit: Kaz Igarashi Recently, I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the VMUG Japan UserCon. While in Tokyo, I experienced VMUG hospitality on a new level from both longtime friends and newcomers to the VMUG community. Japan UserCon had countless great moments and activities, two in particular stuck out: the lightning round presentations and the peer-to-peer mentorship within the community. Lightning Round Presentations This year I had the privilege of judging the annual Japan UserCon Lightning Rounds. Community leaders manage subcommittees, and each committee presents a 15-minute discussion on topics such as vSAN, VDI, and Hybrid Cloud, allowing the wider audience of attendees to digest niche topics in an easily understandable format. While the concept of subcommittees is not new, these short “lightning rounds” by community members with specific expertise are lively, detailed, and prove to be very effective. One thing I found particularly interesting is that the subc

Here’s Why VMUG Members Attend VMware’s vForum Online, and You Should Too!

Register here: Professional Development and continuing education are top of mind for VMUG members. According to the annual VMUG Member Survey, professional development was ranked #1 most important reason for being involved with VMUG over the past two years. One way to keep your technical skills sharp is by attending VMware’s vForum Online on April 24th. This half-day event is from 11:30 am – 4:30 pm CT. Pat Gelsinger will be the keynote speaker of this event and he always does a fantastic job of sharing his knowledge of VMware and the industry. I always enjoy hearing Pat speak and that’s one of the reasons I recommend you attend. Following the keynote, there will be multiple breakout sessions. These are tagged so you can find the content you need. Cloud and data center, network and security, and digital workspace are different tracks you can choose, or mix and match based on the sessions you find most beneficial. There will also be “Chat with Experts”

The vAdmin's Future

Pat Gelsinger On Stage Photo: B Tompkins Dell Technologies Forum is a one-day event featuring all seven of Dell’s technologies in one place. The San Francisco Forum had Pat Gelsinger keynote. Hearing Pat on stage, I couldn’t help but think about all the potential our members have. Listening to the future of VMware at events like this, announcements at VMworld, and articles from tech magazines tells me we, the vAdmin, are poised for great things. Even so, that future won't be realized without effort. VMworld had vSphere getting main stage attention, which was awesome for us to reflect on. There is a lot happening right now in the VMware world: NSX, vSAN, Workspace One, etc.…But this forum was a great opportunity to get back to the roots of what VMUG members have built a career on. vSphere’s recognition by the broader industry is huge: vSphere was a foundational building block for us, and now it is poised to take us to the next level. I even saw a shirt with "it all begi