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InnoVision Awards 2020

Jamarcus Gaston Hosting the 2020 Awards InnoVision  awards recognizes innovation in South Carolina annually through its InnoVision Awards program. Established in 1999, the awards are dedicated to the advancement of innovations and technology. I have been honored to be a judge for these awards since 2015. It is great to be part of this program to see all the innovation coming from my home state of South Carolina.  2016 Program Guide This year there were 11 winners and three I want to highlight below.  Blinktbi, Inc. won the Technology Development award for their solution to assess the blink reflex. The stimulated trigeminal nerve sends a message to the brain stem that results in the facial nerve sending a message to the eyelids to blink. That process is the blink reflex. Their technology captures and analyzes 12,000 data points. Many conditions and diseases are indicated when the blink reflex changes. Depression, PTSD, substance abuse, and concussions can all trigger a change in the bl