A Case for VMworld Barcelona

For those of you who live in NORAM, I am attempting to make a case for you to attend VMworld Barcelona over San Francisco.

I am fortunate to be able to attend both events each year. VMUG has a large presence at both events and the VMUG members span the globe. VMworld is a fantastic time for me to connect with members and get recharged by the energy of VMUG and the vCommunity.

This year VMworld NORAM moved to San Francisco. San Fran is a great city and I applaud the move by VMware to bring it back to San Fran. It’s home to VMware and the city is buzzing when VMworld is there. On top of that, there are many VMware employees who can attend VMworld because it is in the home city, which has proved to be beneficial for VMUG and me. Something to consider if you are choosing between San Fran and Barcelona. 

A Different Experience

If you do have the flexibility, consider Barcelona. VMworld Europe has a different vibe. It’s a day less, but it has just as much content – if not more – as NORAM. I say this because big announcements are made in NORAM, and a few months later in Barcelona, you know more about the direction of those big announcements. For example, Project Pacific was announced in San Fran, and in Barcelona we get more information about the direction. You get the benefit of expanded info on announcements from San Fran with the new announcements from Barcelona.

The VMUG network and vCommunity are global. If you get outside of your typical geographical area, you will learn more about the community and more about VMware. We can learn from peers across the globe. 

Unexpected Savings

Finally, the cost. VMworld in San Francisco is worth it but expensive. Many, especially on the East coast, can attend Barcelona for less cost than San Francisco. Do the math for you, and you might be surprised how much you can save by going to Barcelona.

If you are considering VMworld, don’t assume it’s best to go to the one in your region. Check them both out and weigh the pros and cons. Regardless of where you end up going, VMworld is a must-attend event for the VMUG member. 

Two Birds with One Stone

Another benefit for Europe is the Barcelona local meeting. This meeting is traditionally held on Monday morning, the day before VMworld officially opens. The past two years have had almost 100 people attend this local meeting. Because they are in for VMworld, it is a great time to meet other VMUG members from around Europe expanding your vCommunity reach. The content has been outstanding, and this year included Cormac Hogan and Scott Lowe.

See you at VMworld!



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