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iPhone 6s to Pixel 3

Recently I needed to upgrade my cell phone and I was seriously contemplating going back to Android.   I had been a long-time Android user, but 4 years ago I switched to the iPhone.   I managed to carry the same iPhone 6s during those 4 years.   My rationale for switching to an iPhone initially was for fewer options.   I just wanted things to work and not have to research and download different apps to do the same thing, test them out, and then choose one.   I was okay with Apple telling me what app to use in exchange for it working well.   The iPhone did as expected and I was satisfied with my choice.   For work, I was using a MacBook Air and appreciated that it was light, fast, and small.   Having an iPhone introduced to the capabilities of iMessaging on multiple devices.   Yes, I was hooked.   At the time my daughters didn’t have cell phones but could iMessage me via their Apple device which was nice when traveling.   However, the biggest drawback for the iPhone was Mi