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Security is a Priority for Everyone, Not Just IT!

Dell Security Survey – VMUG Member Insights With the continued threat of cyberattacks and ransomware events, cyber-security is top of mind for most IT personnel. There has been an increase in cyber threats, with more sophisticated attacks, becoming an increasing concern for IT departments. Seventy-four percent of IT decision makers see a greater risk with the growing trend for remote work. Their top concerns are malware, ransomware and protecting cloud-native apps. (Source: Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index ). Add to this, the average cost per company of data loss and downtime is approaching $1.5M, compounding the concerns for key stakeholders and decision makers. In some cases, the damage to the brand can’t be measured. September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center attack resulted in significant impacts to IT infrastructure. This taught organizations to focus on disaster recovery. We duplicated our infrastructure and replicated it to off-site facilities, miles (even regions)