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Hi everyone! I’m looking forward to attending Dell Tech World this year and I’m excited for it to be back in person! I’ve highlighted some sessions that will help you on your data protection journey. Remember, data protection and security are a journey, not a destination. You should always be thinking how to better secure and protect your data. With all sessions being LIVE and IN PERSON, be sure to engage with the speakers – ask questions, continue the conversations with the presenters and network with your peers. These are the reasons why we enjoy in person events! First up:  Cyber Recovery as-a-Service: Gain Recovery Confidence with the “Three I’s” . Why? You can’t do cyber security alone. Get with professionals! Go the aaS route. You can’t do all of it aaS, but where you can, do it! Second:  Performance, Security and Innovation at Scale with PowerProtect Appliances. Why? Appliances are simple and perform like your own aaS offering for your internal customers. Third: Fortify  Your Or


Hey VMUGers, who’s ready for Dell Tech World? I know I am. Why you ask? Well, the VMware and Dell relationship is very strong! Mr. Dell himself is the Chair of the VMware Board after all! With a tight relationship, it’s no wonder Dell Technologies is displaying that partnership to the hilt at this year’s IN PERSON Dell Tech World. So, let’s break this down. Here are the can’t miss for VMUG nation headed to DTW. Let’s go!   4 Ways to Make Your Hybrid Cloud More Agile, Intelligent and Secure with PowerEdge and VMware PowerEdge is running in most data centers. Getting to hybrid cloud doesn’t require a forklift solution. Take what you have, modernize it, and upgrade later. Be a modern data center with the compute you have, grow when you need to. Activate the Power of AI in Virtualized Environments NVIDIA is king of GPU, VMware is king of virtualization, and Dell is the king of infra…find out what they are working on for AI. Customer Spotlight: IT Evolution Journey with VxRail.  We all enjo

Security is a Priority for Everyone, Not Just IT!

Dell Security Survey – VMUG Member Insights With the continued threat of cyberattacks and ransomware events, cyber-security is top of mind for most IT personnel. There has been an increase in cyber threats, with more sophisticated attacks, becoming an increasing concern for IT departments. Seventy-four percent of IT decision makers see a greater risk with the growing trend for remote work. Their top concerns are malware, ransomware and protecting cloud-native apps. (Source: Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index ). Add to this, the average cost per company of data loss and downtime is approaching $1.5M, compounding the concerns for key stakeholders and decision makers. In some cases, the damage to the brand can’t be measured. September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center attack resulted in significant impacts to IT infrastructure. This taught organizations to focus on disaster recovery. We duplicated our infrastructure and replicated it to off-site facilities, miles (even regions)