vExpert Application: What VMUG Members Should Know

Recently the vExpert application opened and I encourage all VMUG members to consider applying.  If you are unfamiliar with the program, let me give you an overview. 

The vExpert program has been around for over a decade and is VMware’s global evangelism and advocacy program.  They accept applications twice a year, so this opportunity is only available for a limited time.

The application is straight forward, but here are some tips for you to get started. 

First, applicants must pick a qualification path.  This can be customer, partner, evangelist, or VCDX.  The customer and partners are self-explanatory.  The evangelist is someone who is excited about VMware products and evangelizes their benefits and solutions.  The VCDX route is for those who have that certification. 

One thing I like about vExpert program is your application is based on you.  Not your company, company spend, certifications, or deployments.  Some of these should be mentioned when filling out the application, but it isn’t required.

Next, you have 4 sections to complete your qualifying activities: content creation, events and speaking, online communities, VMware programs, and other activities.

·        Content creation. Do you blog, produce whitepapers, videos, podcasts, or produce content in another medium?  This is where I listed my personal blog and the VMUG blog where I post some of my content. 

·        Events and speaking. Here you list every event in which you have been involved.  You may be surprised by how many events you can list, so spend some time researching this.  This could be planning, speaking, hosting, moderating, emceeing, etc. 

·        Online communities, tools, and resources.  If you are part of the VMUG, VMTN, vBrownbag, or other IT groups list them here. 

·        VMware programs.  This would be Customer Advisor Boards, certifications, or customer reference programs.

·        Other activities. This is a catch-all for miscellaneous items that don’t fit above.

And finally, here are my pro tips:

·        Use photos to refresh your memory. Scroll through your photos to remember the events you participated in during the year.  I did this and found 2 additional events I spoke at I forgot about.

·        List URLs.  The application doesn’t need to be long, so use URLs to show the details about a particular entry. 

·        Ask for help.  If you are new to this, ask someone to review your application or help brainstorm ideas.  I’m available, vExpert Pros are available, and the vCommunity in general is here to help.

·        Do it.  Don’t be shy and give it a try.   The link to get started is here:

Once you have done this and are in the program, encourage others to apply.  I am in the program because Ravi Venkatasubbaiah encouraged me to apply.  It was not something I considered, even though I was familiar with the program.  I am so grateful he suggested I do this.  It has been rewarding and I’m thankful to be part of the program and part of a community of vExperts that span the globe.

See you at a VMUG!


  1. Thanks Brad! Currently preparing myself for the vExpert program.
    Paul Vincent A. Fajardo
    IT Systems Manager

  2. That's great! Happy to help if needed!


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