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As IT professionals, we have learned to thrive in a multi-vendor environment. We all have legacy equipment, new acquisitions, or mistakes along the way that put us in a situation to support multiple vendors. Most of the time (at least, I hope most of the time) this works out pretty well. Not flawless, but we have been able to get it to work. The manufacturers have a vested interest in a single environment. Single-vendor environments mean more money for the OEM, potential lock-in, and future revenues. I’m a capitalist, and I don’t have an issue with companies trying to maximize their value to the end-user. Let the best company win. I am not a fan of companies – or employees of companies – spreading FUD around to win business. My message to companies is this: let the products compete for the business. If your product doesn’t win, learn from that and make it better. Also realize that like us, you will not win them all, but I expect you will fight as if you could. Go for it. Tell the