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VMware Explore 2022

  VMware Explore, formerly VMworld, is happening next month and if you haven’t registered yet now’s the time. The future of multi-cloud is here, and VMware is at the center of innovation. I’m going to give you four reasons why VMware Explore is the event you don’t want to miss. IT IS IN-PERSON This is important because the connections made in person are powerful. We have been 2 years without the steady stream of in-person events. These lost connections are gone forever, so the sooner you can get back out there, the quicker we can start to make up for lost time. I wrote a blog on this concept back in April you can read  here . I have been fortunate enough to attend over a dozen in-person events this year and it has been great to be out and about seeing and making new friends. I am getting back to in-person events with a renewed appreciation of these events, the folks who put these events on, and the attendees who engage others at these events. MULTI-CLOUD IS EVERYTHING The industry is g