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The vAdmin's Future

Pat Gelsinger On Stage Photo: B Tompkins Dell Technologies Forum is a one-day event featuring all seven of Dell’s technologies in one place. The San Francisco Forum had Pat Gelsinger keynote. Hearing Pat on stage, I couldn’t help but think about all the potential our members have. Listening to the future of VMware at events like this, announcements at VMworld, and articles from tech magazines tells me we, the vAdmin, are poised for great things. Even so, that future won't be realized without effort. VMworld had vSphere getting main stage attention, which was awesome for us to reflect on. There is a lot happening right now in the VMware world: NSX, vSAN, Workspace One, etc.…But this forum was a great opportunity to get back to the roots of what VMUG members have built a career on. vSphere’s recognition by the broader industry is huge: vSphere was a foundational building block for us, and now it is poised to take us to the next level. I even saw a shirt with "it all begi