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Dell Tech World 2021

Dell Tech World 2021 was virtual again, and year two brought a better experience for the attendee. The production value, the non-Zoom feel, the session layouts, all made the event more enjoyable. Beyond the polish, there were some interesting announcements and updates VMUG members should pay attention to. Innovation First, a realization of what the collective IT community (including you, VMUG members!) have done during the pandemic. Michael Dell said, “Decades of work combined with a burst of innovation reengineered the world.” That burst of innovation was many nights and weekends figuring things out without a backup plan to resort to. Everyone went home to work and moved to the “do anything from anywhere” world and we had to figure out how to make that happen. Kudos to VMUG members everywhere for playing a big role in the innovation we experienced in 2020. Tech Makes or Breaks an Organization The second thing was the realization Tech is not IT, it is the entire organization. This is