VMUG Insights From Dell Technologies World 2019

Dell Technologies World 2019 ushered in a new era of partnership between VMware and Dell EMC. VMware used the size and scope of the event to make major announcements. During his keynote address, Pat Gelsinger said “this is like VMworld,” and I could not agree more.
For those of you in the VMUG community who couldn’t make it out to Las Vegas, here are three things you need to know:
  1. VMware Cloud is on Microsoft Azure
This was by far the biggest and most important announcement to come out of Las Vegas. Microsoft is joining the growing list of major tech players, such as AWS and Dell EMC, who are broadening their partnerships with VMware to give users the best possible cloud experience. VMC and vCloud Foundation are gaining momentum because they are the best way to get SDDC up and running. The ability to run VMC on Azure will make life easier for many vAdmins like myself.
  1. VMC on Dell EMC
As many of you may know, my roots are on premises, so I firmly believe in the importance of having equipment on site. Don’t get me wrong, I see the benefits of using the cloud for DR and elasticity, however, an on-prem infrastructure is, to me, a necessity. That’s why I am particularly excited about the news of VMC on Dell EMC. VMware was able to come up with an answer that gives users an option capturing the best of both worlds. I’d encourage everyone to investigate this as an option for your system, especially if you have an on-prem background like me. 
  1. The Community Is Strong
One of my favorite things about Dell Technologies World is how it brings people together. You can feel the magic generated by our community from start to finish. Every year at Dell Tech World, our larger Dell Technologies User Community (DTUC) gets to connect with different user groups, more so than at any of the other annual conferences, including VMworld. I spent time with the diverse subsets of the larger DTUC including the Boomi Community, the Converged User Group, and the Dell Client Group. This mixture of IT professionals with different backgrounds and specializations is a great way to grow both professionally and as an admin.

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