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Spring vForum Online: Now More Than Ever

Online events are big and recently  gaining more attention. As  the  global community  learns  to  combat COVID-19 ,  we are also learning how to better use technology for good ,  a mantra  Pat Gelsinger and VMware speak about often.    But what can we do a s   vAdmins  to be part of the “tech for good”  initiative ? Amid the COVID response, many  VMUG members work on the front lines  in industries  such as healthcare, medical research , ma nufacturing,  and  law enforcement . Others  have deployed  VDI systems, s crambled  to help office workers prepare for a  lengthy  work – from – home stay, or  implemented  new technology to keep  a connected  office. All of these are  ways  tech  is being used  for  the  good  of  the global community working to k eep  economies  going and paychecks  going  to a workforce  that  needs it.     T his new work  environment  requires everyone  to stay current and connected. You can do both  during   vForum  Online  on May 13th . Key topics ar