Why You Need To Apply For vExpert ‘21

It’s that time of year when the vExpert applications open soon. If you are unfamiliar with the vExpert program, it is for technologist who give back to the community. I encourage you to check out the website or my blog about the process for more information.

Why be a vExpert? Why go through the process and why put yourself out there? Below are the three compelling “C ‘s” why.

  •       Career
  •       Community
  •       Culpability

Your Career is important to you. You keep up with the industry by training on new technology and your career provides for you and your family.  vExpert status can add another bullet on the resume.  Also, utilize the benefits gained by being a vExpert to advance your career even further. An example of the benefits is NFR licenses, exclusive webinars, and the business connections made.

Let’s expand on those Connections. Once a vExpert, you get access to the Slack channel. This channel has a plethora of members willing to help. Ultimately, it is a worldwide network of smart people who care about the community.  As an added bonus, many in the vExpert community blog and speak which expands your knowledge and network even wider.

Culpability is my final “C”. Being part of the vExpert group; you’ll be challenged and motivated.  Another positive is you will get exposed to more technology, information, and data.  Absorbing this information will stimulate you to do more, learn more, and give back more. Who doesn’t like a win win situation!

Has it been a while since you posted to your blog? One option is to read other vExperts blogs and see the ones posting on a regular basis.  Often this will help motivate you to do the same. Not following your social channels much anymore?   Being part of the vExpert community will refresh your memory to remember how you felt helping someone who reached out on your social media. Just need another friend to talk through tech or life, the thriving vCommunity is an amazing resource.  vExperts allow you to be part of an even larger Community including VMUG members and many other communities within our ecosystem.

You may think this one step of applying to be a vExpert isn’t going to do much, but it could be the first step of many.  Ultimately taking your career to a different level that lands you your dream job or the call from the mothership.

Good luck to all the vExpert applicants out there!



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