VMworld 2020: Choosing Content Sessions (Part 1)

VMworld is virtual this year and while some things will be different, content will be robust as ever.  This week on VMUG’s Peers & Pints we discuss content, strategies for selecting the best content, and our favorite things about VMworld (and how it will be accomplished virtually).   

Let’s start with strategizing how you’ll consume all this great content this year. The content selector is your new best friend. Make sure you log in with your credentials (after you have registered – you have registered, right?) so you can save your favorite sessions (click the heart icon). This will be key for day of, as well as post VMworld.   

Note the filter on the left side. Here you can break sessions down by topic, speaker, tech level, format—there's a whole list of ways to narrow down your search, and with over 700 sessions, you’ll want to break it down into bitesize chunks. Don’t worry about selecting too many sessions for the 2-day event. You’ll be able to log in after the event and see sessions on-demand.  

A good strategy Richard Kenyan shared is to find your favorite speaker and see the sessions they are presenting. We all have our list of preferred speakers based on presenting styles and personal preference.   

Now let’s talk content. What tops VMworld for me every year is the keynotes. You get a glimpse of the future of VMware and the tech industry. IT is fast changing and the ability to hear firsthand from Pat Gelsinger and Sanjay Poonen is a tremendous value.  

If you are new to VMworld, the Distinguished Speaker list is a good place to start. These are speakers that meet a high standard. You cannot go wrong with adding any of these speakers to your favorite list. Some of my favorite speakers are Amanda BlevinsChris McCainHimanshu SinghNimish DesaiAlan RenoufPete Flecha . . . the list could go on and on.    

If I had to choose one session for you, it would be Amanda Blevins session, Achieving Happiness: Building Your Brand and Your Career [ETPD2087]. I have heard this more than once and I get something new out of it each time. Many VMUG members have told me how this session changed their life. It isn’t a technical session, but one you need to hear—trust me and the many who swear by this session.   

On my next blog, I’ll dive deeper into the sessions.  

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