Dell Tech World 2021

Dell Tech World 2021 was virtual again, and year two brought a better experience for the attendee. The production value, the non-Zoom feel, the session layouts, all made the event more enjoyable.

Beyond the polish, there were some interesting announcements and updates VMUG members should pay attention to.


First, a realization of what the collective IT community (including you, VMUG members!) have done during the pandemic. Michael Dell said, “Decades of work combined with a burst of innovation reengineered the world.” That burst of innovation was many nights and weekends figuring things out without a backup plan to resort to. Everyone went home to work and moved to the “do anything from anywhere” world and we had to figure out how to make that happen. Kudos to VMUG members everywhere for playing a big role in the innovation we experienced in 2020.

Tech Makes or Breaks an Organization

The second thing was the realization Tech is not IT, it is the entire organization. This is true for every member. Granted we are all on different paths, and some further along than others, but realize this is true and will impact your role in IT. The sooner you understand how to navigate this and use it to your advantage, the sooner you can advance your company and career. Companies are on a digital transformation or on a transformation to obsolescence.

VMware Spin-Off from Dell

13 minutes into the keynote, Dell mentions both VMware and Tanzu. This spoke volumes because of the announced spin-off was not mentioned. Instead, Dell talked about the partnership and how it will continue to mature. Even after the spin-off, Michael Dell is reported to own 41% of VMware stock and keep his seat as Chair of the VMware board. It is a safe bet for those who rely on Dell and VMware that the partnership will not change much after VMware spins off. Comments like, “Dell Technologies and VMware is the multi-cloud platform for digital transformation,” alludes to the partnership only getting stronger.

5G and Edge in the Spotlight

5G and edge continue to get increased time on keynote stages and DTW was no different. The data created on the edge will explode as IoT devices increase. All this data will be collected on the edge and processed at the data center. Therefore, 5G is so important and will remain a mainstay on keynote stages. Low latency and fast bandwidth will fuel the edge explosion.

Edge Data Collection

Compute has historically moved back and forth from centralized to decentralized. Mainframe to PC’s and now to cloud computing. With IoT and cloud, the compute is growing in both places. What is added now is multiple data collection points. In the past, data collection and compute were together, now data collection is happening at the edge and the cloud.

Dell said 75% of data will be processed outside the data center by 2025, but a considerable amount of that data will be backhauled to the cloud for further computation.


Dell Tech World confirmed that what is here to stay is the power data brings. From the keynote, we need to turn data into insights, action, and results.

Good luck on your journey bringing data to results.


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