Blogtober Post #1 - Blogtober 2017

Matt Heldstab is one of VMUG’s most active leaders. He has been instrumental in many VMUG projects such as EUC Explore, leading the v0dgeball team to a bronze medal in the 2017 VMworld tournament, and now Blogtober. So when Matt asked me to participate, I couldn’t say no.

Many VMUG members blog, and it is a fantastic way to share your thoughts and ideas with the community. The community responds and produces conversation which leads to ideas which leads to action. This is tapping into the community. If you have heard me speak, you know I encourage everyone to tap into the community. You get out what you put in, and blogging is one way to give back.

There are many reasons I believe in the power of the community. First, it disciplines you to formalize and organize your thoughts and opinions. This will not only make you think about your position but also your reasoning. When you address the community, you need to be prepared to back up your thoughts with facts or experiences. We are a group prone to strong opinions, and we don’t mind getting into friendly “discussions” on whether product A or B is superior. Just check a few Twitter conversations for proof.

Second, it challenges the community to think about their position. If you are going to comment on a blog, you’d better have your thoughts in order, too.

Blogging also shares your experiences. Blogging about your install, upgrade, proof of concept, or vendor evaluations are valuable to those who are considering the same path as you. It may show someone a new path they may not have considered.

The IT industry has always been about change, but the rate of change is accelerating. Pat Gelsinger said at VMworld, “Today is the slowest day of technological evolution for the rest of your life!” That is a powerful statement. How are we, as IT professionals, going to adjust to this evolution? We’re in the midst of not just a technical evolution – bits/bytes, feeds/speeds, cloud, HCI, etc. – but also the evolution of the IT department. What is the IT department of the future going to be, and how are we going to shape it?

This is a question you should answer as an individual. The paths we take will be different based on our jobs, interests, and opportunities. The community, however, can help guide you to your answer.

VMUG is a vibrant group which is part of an even larger community of IT professionals of all kinds. Many are willing to give back and help others. One way to do this is to share your experiences, challenges, and questions with the community. Blogging is an effective way to accomplish this.

Matt, thank you for putting Blogtober together! Just another example of the community helping the community.

Brad Tompkins


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